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Our Services in Central New York

Small Dump Truck Hauling
Plan your outdoor, driveway or garden project with Ciotti. We deliver topsoil, mulch, gravel and more right to your driveway or yard. Hauling residential loads up to 20 yards. We work with most local quarries and landscaping providers.
  • Sand
  • Topsoil
  • Runner Crush
  • Stone Dust
  • Gravel
  • Decorative Stone and Mulch

Your next home clean out project just got easier with Ciotti. When cleaning out a garage, porch or demolishing an old swimming pool, we have the dumpster to fit your need. Available in 15, 20, and 30 cubic yard size open containers. Order by phone or email.
  • Disaster or flood clean up
  • Clean-Outs
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Household Junk Removal
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Yard Clean-ups
In addition, we offer specialty closed containers up to 40 cubic yards and sealed containers designed to manage wet waste that you may generate. Our New York State DEC Part 364 permit allows us to transport and provide proper disposal options for all of your industrial non-hazardous waste.

Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. is also available to provide 24 hour emergency response service to clients that need around the clock service. Call us today to schedule your dumpster delivery.


Tear outs, tear downs, and excavations are our specialty. At Ciotti Enterprises, Inc., we have the equipment and experience to demolish and remove most anything you need to get rid of. Demolition equipment delivered to your site.

Working with a network of environmental experts we can handle a demolition job from beginning to end, starting with a pre-demolition asbestos survey to abatement and final grading and seeding, or any step in between.

Regardless of the size, whether a garage, storage shed, or multistory structure, Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. is ready to manage your next demolition project.
Non Hazardous Special Waste

Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. transports New York State DEC Part 364 waste according to permit, and provides proper disposal options for all of your industrial non-hazardous waste. Haul disposal rates vary by landfill for all hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including friable asbestos, non-friable asbestos, and non-hazardous contaminated soil. Please call for proper pricing when scheduling a box for asbestos or any other Part 364-related container.

Ciotti Enterprises is permitted at all local and regional landfills, including:
  • Auburn Landfill
  • High Acres Landfill
  • Ontario County Landfill
  • Seneca Meadows Landfill
  • Ava Landfill
  • We will amend our permit to include additional landfills as needed. Call us!
Recycling Services

Proper handling of recyclable material is a key aspect of solid waste management today. Not only is recycling the right thing to do for the environment, but when done correctly it can save you money on your next clean out or construction project.

Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. recognizes the importance of recycling, and we are experts at finding markets not only for traditional recyclables, glass, plastic, paper, but for nontraditional commodities as well, such as clean concrete, film plastics and others.

When you have a house or commercial building to clean out or you're starting a construction/demolition project, call Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. first. We come to your job site to perform a waste audit, and work with you to ensure materials are handled properly. This saves you time and money. We think that's a good thing, and we're sure you will too.

LEED Certification

Do you have a Green Building project started? Would you like to offer green construction at your job site? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and regulation Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. works closely with customers to provide roll-off container service tailored to meet your need for LEED construction.

Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. not only provides dumpsters in every size but with all the documentation needed to ensure recycling credits are issued. Our staff is trained to directly assist on your job site to provide hands on training to ensure that the recyclables are sorted properly. This saves time for you and the contractor from having to pay full disposal fees on recyclable material.

We have multiple markets available for recyclables to ensure that properly separated materials are not taken for disposal. Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. recognizes the importance of recycling in LEED Certification and looks forward to working with you on your next Green Building Project.

Snow Removal

Snow plowing is not just a job. It is a passion for us here at Ciotti's.

Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. has been providing snow plowing and snow removal at various locations at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport for more than twenty years. We have contracts with the City of Syracuse and many other commercial businesses around or near the airport, and specialize in servicing 24 hour facilities.

Ciotti Enterprises, Inc. has late model, well maintained equipment and trucks to get the job done safely and effectively. In addition, our trained and professional team, including CDL drivers, has been screened for security clearance at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport.